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Santa’s Sleigh Treat  ns, Set of 12
Colección de 12 latas con el trineo de Santa Claus (para pasteles)
Fill festive containers with candy, baked goods, or use to send holiday leftovers home with family and friends. Set of 12 aluminum rectangular containers with lids. 7.375" L x 5.25" W x 1.75" D ea.
50 Sq. Ft.
Silver Gnomes
Reversible Ro  Wrap
Papel para regalo revocable (diseño de dos lados) 30 Sq. ft. (24” x 15’)
Holiday 12-Sh t Flat Wrap Pack
12 Hojas de papel para regalos de Navidad
Value flat wrap pack features 6 holiday designs! 12 20" x 30" sheets; 2 sheets per design. 50 Sq. ft. total! Designs do not vary.
Tis  e season of giving!

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